The Horizon Group is a real estate development, investment and construction management firm owned and operated by David Marom. As a full service firm, the Horizon Group provides assistance throughout the entire real estate development process, from initial preliminary design to construction and building leasing. The company’s existing and planned developments span Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, and Westchester in New York. Among these locations are a wide range of Horizon Group real-estate properties, including office parks, condominiums, low, mid and high-rise multi-tenant buildings, single family homes and townhouse developments.

Since the foundation of the corporation in 1985, Mr. Marom and his staff have gained tremendous amounts of expertise and market knowledge, and have developed long-standing, strong relationships with local businesses and government officials. The present and future control of the company remains in family hands, ensuring a strong commitment to creating and maintaining long-term value in every Horizon Group project.  The Horizon Group invests a great deal of effort in the planning and design of all acquired properties, and relies upon close-knit relationships with all clients to provide a quality product that suits the needs and desires of each individual. An integrated process and innovative approach are key elements of the Horizon Group mentality.